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From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2007 09:18:45 -0400

megamanfan3 wrote:
> Welcome to the LisaEm Discussion page. If you are interested in or
> have LisaEm, then post away! (LisaEm's website is found here:

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer: :-)

Somehow it doesn't quite sound to me that you've meant that as sarcasm - perhaps my sarcasm meter isn't working as I might have not had enough coffee this morning, so wanted to say that actually this google group is for the discussion of the Apple Lisa computer. See:

The List isn't affiliated with LisaEm, or, which are my own web sites, however, the List's owner, Dan Knight, who also runs the very excellent Low End Mac website ( ), has been more than kind enough to allow LisaEm discussions here.

While I'm LisaEm's author, I'm just another user of this discussion group, not the moderator, nor the list owner. :-)

I also run the LisaFAQ ( ) which was built based partially on discussions found on the LisaList archives, and I've tried to give credit to the answers/questions there. So if a topic comes out whose answer I'm aware of due to it being in the LisaFAQ I try to answer.

I'd prefer placing the word "[LisaEm]" in the subject incase anyone here has little or no interest in the emulator.

Now, on to your question:

> When I try to install MacWorks, LisaEm crashes. I have the current
> version, but it just crashes when I get to the "Welcome to Macintosh"
> splash. Does anyone know how to fix this?

It depends on what version of MacWorks you have, it may well be that you have a corrupted version of the System disk, or are trying to use a System disk meant for a real Mac with one of the original MacWorks boot diskettes.

For example, MacWorks XL will not boot System 7. You'd need something like MacWorks Plus.

The main goal of the emulator is to run Lisa Office System, so even though I've authored LisaEm, I'm personally not sure of exactly which MacWorks Boot versions work with which System Disk versions. :-) If you're interested in running 68K Mac OS, you're better off running it on vMac, vMac Mini, or Basilisk II since there are incompatibilities between MacWorks and some old programs that used sound or directly accessed hardware.

Now, if you do want to run MacWorks on a Lisa, that's fine too. The only version I've personally tested is MacWorks XL 3.0 which comes with something like Mac System 4 and that seems to work.

MacWorks turns the Lisa into the equivalent of a slightly slower MacPlus with a larger (non-square) screen, but no sound. If you use the 3A screen modification ROM on either a real Lisa, or LisaEm, then MacWorks will have the correct 1:1 aspect ratio for Mac OS.

There's a long story about how and why the Lisa doesn't have square dots here: Received on 2007-04-07 09:18:49

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