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Hmm. I thought I deleted this as I already made a same post in where I found the disk images.

On Apr 7, 9:18 am, Ray Arachelian <r..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> megamanfan3 wrote:
> > Welcome to the LisaEm Discussion page. If you are interested in or
> > have LisaEm, then post away! (LisaEm's website is found here:
> >
> Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer: :-)
> Somehow it doesn't quite sound to me that you've meant that as sarcasm -
> perhaps my sarcasm meter isn't working as I might have not had enough
> coffee this morning, so wanted to say that actually this google group is
> for the discussion of the Apple Lisa computer. See:
> The List isn't affiliated with LisaEm,http://lisa.sunder.netor, which are my own web sites, however, the
> List's owner, Dan Knight, who also runs the very excellent Low End Mac
> website (, has been more than kind enough to
> allow LisaEm discussions here.
> While I'm LisaEm's author, I'm just another user of this discussion
> group, not the moderator, nor the list owner. :-)
> I also run the LisaFAQ ( which was built
> based partially on discussions found on the LisaList archives, and I've
> tried to give credit to the answers/questions there. So if a topic
> comes out whose answer I'm aware of due to it being in the LisaFAQ I try
> to answer.
> I'd prefer placing the word "[LisaEm]" in the subject incase anyone here
> has little or no interest in the emulator.
> Now, on to your question:
> > When I try to install MacWorks, LisaEm crashes. I have the current
> > version, but it just crashes when I get to the "Welcome to Macintosh"
> > splash. Does anyone know how to fix this?
> It depends on what version of MacWorks you have, it may well be that you
> have a corrupted version of the System disk, or are trying to use a
> System disk meant for a real Mac with one of the original MacWorks boot
> diskettes.
> For example, MacWorks XL will not boot System 7. You'd need something
> like MacWorks Plus.
> The main goal of the emulator is to run Lisa Office System, so even
> though I've authored LisaEm, I'm personally not sure of exactly which
> MacWorks Boot versions work with which System Disk versions. :-)
> If you're interested in running 68K Mac OS, you're better off running it
> on vMac, vMac Mini, or Basilisk II since there are incompatibilities
> between MacWorks and some old programs that used sound or directly
> accessed hardware.
> Now, if you do want to run MacWorks on a Lisa, that's fine too. The only
> version I've personally tested is MacWorks XL 3.0 which comes with
> something like Mac System 4 and that seems to work.
> MacWorks turns the Lisa into the equivalent of a slightly slower MacPlus
> with a larger (non-square) screen, but no sound. If you use the 3A
> screen modification ROM on either a real Lisa, or LisaEm, then MacWorks
> will have the correct 1:1 aspect ratio for Mac OS.
> There's a long story about how and why the Lisa doesn't have square dots
> here:

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