Re: lisa serial number in lisaem format?

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 05 May 2007 21:59:08 -0400

simon wrote:
> what is the format of the serial number on the lisa emulator. i want to
> put in the serial number of my own lisa 2/10 so i can use a backup of
> my internal widget on the emulator (15 floppies!!)

You can get the serial number by entering Service Mode in the BOOT ROM. To do this, force a boot failure - for example, tell the Lisa to boot off a floppy, but do not insert one. After the error press Apple-S.

Once in service mode, use the display command (click on 1 or type in 1), then give the address of 240 and ask for enough bytes to reach address 260. i.e. 20 hex bytes or 32

Here's an example from the emulator docs:

Notice the ff at the start of the Lisa serial number? They correspond to 0f0f. The 02 corresponds to 0002. So the thing to do here is to remove the leading zeroes from every byte. That whole string without the most-significant-nibble is the serial number.

> and how can i make a rom dump of my 2/10 which is a H/88 version, and
> not tha A8 I am using now?

You don't need to as the emulator does not use the I/O ROM at all. Change the I/O ROM version in the emulator to 88.

You can still use the same H ROM file you're using now.

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