Re: LisaEm 1.0.0 RC1 breaks floppy image support

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 16:46:29 -0400

Hex Star wrote:
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Mind you, "whenever" can be anywhere between a very short time, or a very long time. Be careful what you wish for and all that.

Please don't put this in your archive as it will become part of LisaEm, and may change before that the next release, so it won't of much use by itself in the future. :)

Also, if an image says "Disk Copy 4.2" it doesn't mean that it will boot, or that it will be readable on a Lisa. It may be lacking tags, it might have a bad file system, etc. The only thing this thing will do is let you know what kind of image you're dealing with.

This program uses the same code as the emulator, so if it says "Disk Copy 4.2", the emulator will allow you to mount the disk image. What the Lisa Office System or MacWorks does with it afterwards is up in the air.

If it says MacBinII, future releases of the emulator will be able to use those images, but none of the current versions. The next releases will also check the checksums and throw warnings, but will let you continue to use the disk image anyway.

Extract it and copy lisadiskinfo somewhere in your path. i.e. /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin
This is a PPC binary compiled on OS X 10.3.8.


tar xjpvf lisa_disk_info.tar.bz2
cd lisa_disk_info
cp lisadiskinfo /usr/bin

Run it like so:

cd {whereever the Lisa archive is}
find . -type f -exec lisadiskinfo {} \;

Output looks something like this:

DTCLisaPascalPgmsA.image                           Disk Copy 4.2 image.
DTCLisaPascalPgmsB.image                           Disk Copy 4.2 image.
DTCLisaPascalPgmsAimage.sit                        StuffIt! Archive
DTCLisaPascalPgmsBimage.sit                        StuffIt! Archive
DTCLisaPascalPgmsCimage.sit                        StuffIt! Archive
Xenix Development Floppy 1                         MacBinII [DMd2DART] DART
Xenix Development Floppy 2                         MacBinII [DMd2DART] DART
Xenix Development Floppy 3                         MacBinII [DMd2DART] DART
DART 1.5.2                                         Unrecognized
DISK - Disk Copy 4.2                               Unrecognized
Disk Copy 6.3.3                                    Unrecognized
FileTyper                                          Unrecognized
Lisa FS Images.sit                                 Unrecognized
MW+II Install v2.3.0.dc42                          Disk Copy 4.2 image.
MacWorksII+v2.3.0-boot.dc42                        Disk Copy 4.2 image.
games-compat42.img                                 Disk Copy 4.2 image.
games-realdc42.image                               Disk Copy 4.2 image.
games-ro-compressed.img                            Disk Copy 6.x
compressed - will not work with LisaEm
games-ro.img                                       Disk Copy 6.x
uncompressed - will not work with LisaEm
games-rw.img                                       Disk Copy 6.x
uncompressed - will not work with LisaEm
games.lzh.dart                                     DART
games.rle.dart                                     DART
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