Re: packing disk copy 4.2 disk images for the web?

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 06:58:41 -0400

simon wrote:
> At the moment i have not a complete set of los tools for either 3.1 or
> 3.0.
> i'ts a mix. the majority is 3.0. Were there a complete set of tools for
> 3.1 or
> just a few updated tools?

3.1 was mostly a bug fix. I don't recall off the top of my head what the fixes are. I vaguely recall that perhaps one of the issues of Semaphore Signal (a Lisa magazine) mentioned the 3.0 to 3.1 upgrade.

Also note that on the 3.1 installer, the version says 3.0 or something like that.

The 7 tools are: LisaList, LisaCalc, LisaWrite, LisaGraph, LisaDraw, LisaTerminal, and LisaProject, this is what's meant by 7/7.

Note that there is no LisaPaint. There supposedly was a beta version, but it was never released.

> That was my general idea as well. It is cumbersome to check if all the
> images were downloaded properly

The trouble with some of the existing archives out there is that they've separated the tools from the OS, so you can't always tell what version you're dealing with.

The best/cleanest version of LOS I've seen comes from the Apple Service Source CD's (which are difficult to find and very expensive.) The trouble with these is that they're in DART format.
> An extra's floppy would'nt hurt. the concensus is that we have to focus
> on a person having only a beige G3, being the last mac with a floppy
> drive and being of 1998, is quite "new" so will last longer. it is good
> that the emulator is around to prolong that experience.

There are plenty of IIci's, IIsi's, 7100's and so on that can be found cheaply. Also the drive repair instructions for the Lisa also work on the Macs. The main thing is to get a machine that is networked so that you can connect it to a modern computer which can reach internet archives. :-) So that means something with an ethernet card at least. You could go with localtalk, but then you'd need a localtalk<->ethertalk bridge and these are flaky.

You could go with the "sneakernet" option, but that means using 1.44M MFM floppies or burning CD's to go between machines. Sadly there's no USB-thumb drive option for older Macs - perhaps System 9.2 supports these on some machines, I'm not sure. I've successfully used 256M CF FAT32 formatted cards inside a PCMCIA CF card to go between windows notebook and a Macbook 5300.

You could go with a serial option, but that means having to run ZTerm on the Mac and having a null-modem cable. Sad thing is that modern machines seem to lack serial ports, at least Apple ones. Some PC's have no serial ports either.

> And we don't know what mac osx 10.5 and up will do with forked files...

Exactly why you want DART.

>From what I hear, ZFS is in the works, which is great news as it seems
to be a very nice file system. Thanks Sun! It also seems that every
*BSD/Linux distro plans to also add ZFS or has done so already, so ZFS is promising to be a nearly universal file system.

> as soon as they are available i will add them. i only have a regular
> h/88 around.

That's a good start. :-) Received on 2007-04-25 06:58:42

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