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From: James Rice <james.rice_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 11:28:11 -0600

On 1/23/07, J Worgan <jworgan_at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> are you sure its rubbing alcohol? The heads on cassette recorders and
> videotape recorders required the use of denatured alcohol - not rubbing
> alcohol - because rubbing alcohol also contains a substance that remains
> on
> the heads after it evaporates which makes the heads get dirty quicker and
> is
> not good for the tapes - surfaced with similar recording material as the
> floppies.

No rubbing alcohol but isopropyl alcohol. True technical iso has as much in common with rubbing alcohol as Everclear has with light beer. My bottle of isopropyl from MG Chemicals is labeled as 99.953% pure anhydrous alcohol and is specifically labeled for cleaning magnetic media heads. The label also states it leaves zero residue.

I paid $7.95 per liter at Fry's.

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