Lisa jackpot!

From: Blair Aakre <baakre_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 20:52:26 -0500

Well, I think so anyway. I found a local guy who had a stash of 5 Lisa systems in a storage locker. He is moving out of his apartment and wanted to get rid of his stuff, so I bought it from him for a reasonable price. I picked up three Lisa 2/5 systems (one in an original Lisa shipping box with original Lisa mouse), and two Lisa 2/10 systems. He also had 12 ProFiles I was able to get as well. There appear to be both 5 and 10 meg ProFiles in the lot. (After getting them home, only five give me a steady READY light, however. )

Only one of the 2/10 systems has a working Widget hard drive. The other one appears to have bad bearings on the drive mechanism. It initially spun up with a rather deafening roar, but died after about 30 seconds. I haven't been able to get that one to spin up since then. The Widget drive that DOES work actually has SCO Xenix 3.0 installed. Is this somewhat rare? Are disk images available online anywhere? (Should I need to reinstall.)

One of the 2/10 systems is more of a parts machine. I can't seem to get any video on the screen.

Of the three 2/5 systems, one appears to be missing the Lisa Lite board. Two of the 2/5 systems appear to have screen modification kits installed.

Other stuff I got: 2-port parallel card, Sun Remarketing 1.5MB upgrade card, Sun Remarketing SCSI card, two copies of Lisa 7/7 office system with manuals, several copies of MacWorks (including MacWorks + II with PFG), and a set of printed manuals for the Lisa Pascal Workshop.

The one thing I don't currently have is any ProFile cables. So, I'm off to find a solution for that.

I guess if someone needs anything specific components, I might be able to help.


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