Re: Lisa jackpot!

From: Steve Hatle <shatle_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2007 21:18:51 -0500

On 4/1/07 8:52 PM, "Blair Aakre" <baakre_at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:

> Well, I think so anyway. I found a local guy who had a stash of 5
> Lisa systems in a storage locker.


Nicely done! By chance are you in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area? There was a recent posting on the Mpls Craigslist from a person with multiple Lisas. I asked him about parts, but he wanted to sell the whole batch. I believe the posting is gone, now.

I didn't follow up, since I have my own gaggle of Lisa gear, and adding more would cause "issues" at home :-)

The SCO Xenix disk images are out there, or I have them if you need them. While I don't have the original media, I _do_ have the original documentation for this, in many, many three ring binders. I should have a cheat sheet on how to install...

Profile cables aren't hard- get some D25 crimp-on ends, and lengths of 26 conductor ribbon cable. You should be able to find both at Radio Shack. You have to clip down the 26th wire to get it to fit into the crimp. I honestly can't remember if you invert the connector or not (pin 1-25 or pin 1-1) but perhaps another lister can clarify. I could dig out a cable if you need me to.

You can also connect an external profile to the internal Widget connectoryou  just need the correct "squared" crimp-on connector for the internal connection. Works like a charm.

Let me know if you need any hints from the SCO docs, or for me to eyeball a cable for the correct orientation- and if you are in Minneapolis, maybe we can talk about a few parts :-)


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