Re: Found a place where you can download lisa images

From: simon <simski_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 15:17:33 +0200

what a hell to get them to real floppies!

I've been working now for the last 3 hours to get the path straight from my mac os x G4 towards my Lisa. In between there sits my old trusty Mac SE running 6.0.8. First problem was getting the data on media accepted by both platforms. i decided thta cd's are no good option. you frequently have to alter info. and those old cd scsi drives ca'nt handle rw disks. the my eye fel on some old optical drives i have lying around. MO230 drives with a load of disks. i have sucsessfully used them to transfer data from and to my NextStations, so why not give it a go. Turns out that mac 6.0.8 does not like the scsi 4.3 driver. I had to wade through at least 100 floppies to find Hard disk toolkit 1.6 and the HDT drvr extension to get that solved. mounting is done via the silverlining control panel.

Finally i could mount the disk. The the disk images turn out not to have creator and type info on them. you can use FileTyper to change that. Unfortunately the MakeAutoTyper app only runs on sys 7 Ahhhrgg!!!

So inbetween now comes a extra step: a powerbook 180 running 7.5.3. Question is: can i write foppies on this operating system? will DART run, FEdit? And will the floppies be readable by my lisa?

that will at least take another couple of hours to find out. First i have to replace the adapter connector for the powerbook...


met vriendelijke groet

Simon Claessen

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