Re: is there need for a wiki for the lisa?

From: simon <simski_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 23:26:41 +0200

On 15-mei-2007, at 17:15, Ray Arachelian wrote:

> So what prevents the hoardes of spam and/or google link farmers from
> flooding the wiki with junk then? Someone, whether the community at
> large, or a few moderators are still required to undo damage.

and what is the use of spam or farmers. no interesting people for them, or are they planning of porting google earth to the lisa ;-) making a page is not a one klick act. first you go to a page where you want the link to appear, then click edit, make the special wikiword, click save. follow the just created link to the now virgin page and add usefull info. way to much hassle to do for someone who wants to attrackt millions.

and besides, if a wrong link pops up, everyone who sees it can delete it. no problem. expect maybe one such "error" in a year.

and if you want to restrick the adding of contents, the are provisions to ask for an account that will be granted automatically after a day of delay.

I mean, look at all the bulletinboards around, same setup, even easier to post a message, and allways very clean.

hey list mum, how many members do we have? is'nt it a very small group?


met vriendelijke groet

Simon Claessen

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