Re: Lisa 2/10 floppy drive help

From: NateSpin <nspinler_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 20:23:11 -0800 (PST)

On Jan 6, 10:14 pm, NateSpin <nspin..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> On Jan 6, 9:57 pm, James MacPhail <g..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:> >Apparently, when I insert a floppy disk, it isn't
> > >displacing a small black plastic piece far enough to block the RED
> > >lights, thus the floppy disk drive doesn't know that a disk has been
> > >inserted.
> > 1) Make sure you aren't using an HD (1.44 MB) disk (which has the density
> > select hole where the  400K disk sensor is, so it will never appear to be
> > inserted).
> I did notice the extra hole on the HD floppy so I am using a 400K
> floppy
> > Your disk should have only one hole along the outer edge, at the left (with
> > a slider for write protect), ie. 400/360K (single sided, double density) or
> > 800/720K (double sided, double density).
> > For testing purposes, you could cover the extra HD hole with tape, but it
> > may not read/write/retain-data properly.
> > Otherwise, I would guess:
> > 2) you have more dried grease to remove to allow full travel of the mechanism
> The floppy disk inserts and ejects easily now, so I can't imagine
> where any more grease would be.
> > or
> > 3) the eject motor is stuck at a partially ejected position, preventing the
> > mechanism from allowing the disk to seat fully.
> If I manually pull that black plastic piece down, then the drive works
> fine.  It will even eject the disk.  Maybe there was supposed to be
> some padding or something on top of the black bar, because as I look
> at it, it is secured by a c-clamp on a metal rod with a spring, but
> the metal bar comes up just higher than the black plastic bar does (so
> that the c-clamp has a place to latch), so I don't see how the floppy
> disk could push it down.  The plastic bar on the other side, used to
> check if the write protection is enabled, has a small black plastic
> piece that stickes up on it, maybe that is missing on this bar?

> > HTH,
> > James
> > James MacPhail                   "Think not of engineering as art,
> > uo..._at_email.domain.hidden                 but of art as engineering"
> > Sigma Seven Systems Ltd.
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> Thanks, for the advise.
> - Nate

Ok, looking at it closely, it does appear that there is supposed to be a small piece on the black plastic that sticks up in the front like it does on the other side, but that piece is broken off. I will see if I can super glue an alternative.
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