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From: Chandra <cbajpai_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 17:59:23 -0700 (PDT)

Any idea's on how many Lisa-1's are left? I've heard less they are not as rare as one would think (as many as 50 may exist, but I've heard as few as 20)

I'm fortunate to have one working Lisa-1 and enough parts to almost build a 2nd one. Along side that I have a lisa 2/5 and 2 Lisa 2/10s. My particular unit was being used at missile testing range is south was year long process to buy it and import it into the US. Unfortunately I've not run the unit in the US as it still has a 220V power supply.

I've heard of a woman in SF who has at least 2 Lisa-1 units.


On Mar 19, 3:18 am, tommoni <tomm..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> Well, rare or not, "that depends on the way you look"
> I'd say - like Rick, too - they're not so rare to make those efforts  
> to rebuild a Lisa from the beginning.
> Ok, lets discuss to build an Apple I (you can buy complete boards in  
> Japan or China) and solder one for your own pleasure... or a Lisa 1,  
> by using vintage 5,25" drives... but not a Lisa 2.
> If you take a short look at the amount you have to spend to do such a  
> job, I estimate you can buy 5 Lisas.
> P.S. I have had 7 of them and one Lisa 1 and one Prototype Lisa in my  
> collection. I still have some pictures of them
> greets TOM from Bavaria, the country of the Alps, the marvellous  
> castles of Koenig Ludwig and the origin Octoberfest
> Am 19.03.2008 um 03:57 schrieb Jack -:
> > I believe they truly are rare.  There may have been a few thousand
> > made but many of them went to the government.  I used to work for the
> > government and we had a ton of Lisas.  When the time can, they were
> > all destroyed due to having sensitive information on them.  Also, how
> > many fell victim to the leaking battery?  The sad part is that Lisas
> > weren't well taken care of.  For years they were just considered
> > "junk".  I saw many go by on CL for $25-$50.  I got the impression
> > many of those didn't even sell at those prices and got dumpstered.
> > On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 1:10 PM, <r..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> >> Are Lisa's really "rare"?  Apple made tens of thousands of them, and
> >> they were well made and usally well cared for.  Over the last 10
> >> years, I have seen many working units sell on ebay for under $1000.
> >> With the membership of this group at only 125 members, there  
> >> should be
> >> enough to go around, at least for less money than building one from
> >> scratch..
> >> Also, what wrong with doing a FPGA version (something like the apple
> >> one clone or the C-one project)?  If you guys don't have a proper
> >> floppy drive, use a USB keyboard, and are using a VESA display how
> >> would it be better clone than a FPGA version would be anyway?
> >> I am not trying to be negitive, just asking the questions.
> >> Rick
> >> On Mar 17, 3:31 pm, Kevin Keith <krfke..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> >>> Hello Fellow Lisa Enthusiasts!
> >>> I recently made a post about getting a Lisa, and much to my dismay,
> >>> they appear to be pretty darn rare!  Now, to the point: how
> >>> inconceivable would it be to "build" a Lisa?  Weren't they  
> >>> handmade in
> >>> the first place?  I'm not talking about something in an FPGA (we
> >>> already have LisaEm).  I'm talking about a bona fide clone!  An  
> >>> EXACT
> >>> replica!  This would be good because we could also replace broken
> >>> Lisa's!
> >>> Just a thought
> >>> Kevin- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -
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