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From: tommoni <tommoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 11:08:55 +0100

Well, I personally know one collector in switzerland, a privat museum in southern-germany

and one guy in USA who bought my Apple Lisa 1 approx 5 years ago

so that are 3 Lisas 1

greets TOM from Bavaria

Am 21.03.2008 um 01:59 schrieb Chandra:

> Any idea's on how many Lisa-1's are left? I've heard less they are
> not as rare as one would think (as many as 50 may exist, but I've
> heard as few as 20)
> I'm fortunate to have one working Lisa-1 and enough parts to almost
> build a 2nd one. Along side that I have a lisa 2/5 and 2 Lisa 2/10s.
> My particular unit was being used at missile testing range is south
> was year long process to buy it and import it into the US.
> Unfortunately I've not run the unit in the US as it still has a 220V
> power supply.
> I've heard of a woman in SF who has at least 2 Lisa-1 units.
> -Chandra
> On Mar 19, 3:18 am, tommoni <tomm..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
>> Well, rare or not, "that depends on the way you look"
>> I'd say - like Rick, too - they're not so rare to make those efforts
>> to rebuild a Lisa from the beginning.
>> Ok, lets discuss to build an Apple I (you can buy complete boards in
>> Japan or China) and solder one for your own pleasure... or a Lisa 1,
>> by using vintage 5,25" drives... but not a Lisa 2.
>> If you take a short look at the amount you have to spend to do such a
>> job, I estimate you can buy 5 Lisas.
>> P.S. I have had 7 of them and one Lisa 1 and one Prototype Lisa in my
>> collection. I still have some pictures of them
>> greets TOM from Bavaria, the country of the Alps, the marvellous
>> castles of Koenig Ludwig and the origin Octoberfest
>> Am 19.03.2008 um 03:57 schrieb Jack -:
>>> I believe they truly are rare. There may have been a few thousand
>>> made but many of them went to the government. I used to work for
>>> the
>>> government and we had a ton of Lisas. When the time can, they were
>>> all destroyed due to having sensitive information on them. Also,
>>> how
>>> many fell victim to the leaking battery? The sad part is that Lisas
>>> weren't well taken care of. For years they were just considered
>>> "junk". I saw many go by on CL for $25-$50. I got the impression
>>> many of those didn't even sell at those prices and got dumpstered.
>>> On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 1:10 PM, <r..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
>>>> Are Lisa's really "rare"? Apple made tens of thousands of them,
>>>> and
>>>> they were well made and usally well cared for. Over the last 10
>>>> years, I have seen many working units sell on ebay for under $1000.
>>>> With the membership of this group at only 125 members, there
>>>> should be
>>>> enough to go around, at least for less money than building one from
>>>> scratch..
>>>> Also, what wrong with doing a FPGA version (something like the
>>>> apple
>>>> one clone or the C-one project)? If you guys don't have a proper
>>>> floppy drive, use a USB keyboard, and are using a VESA display how
>>>> would it be better clone than a FPGA version would be anyway?
>>>> I am not trying to be negitive, just asking the questions.
>>>> Rick
>>>> On Mar 17, 3:31 pm, Kevin Keith <krfke..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
>>>>> Hello Fellow Lisa Enthusiasts!
>>>>> I recently made a post about getting a Lisa, and much to my
>>>>> dismay,
>>>>> they appear to be pretty darn rare! Now, to the point: how
>>>>> inconceivable would it be to "build" a Lisa? Weren't they
>>>>> handmade in
>>>>> the first place? I'm not talking about something in an FPGA (we
>>>>> already have LisaEm). I'm talking about a bona fide clone! An
>>>>> EXACT
>>>>> replica! This would be good because we could also replace broken
>>>>> Lisa's!
>>>>> Just a thought
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