Re: Question about Sun Rem SCSI card

From: Luke Goembel <idylukewild_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 08:56:13 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for welcoming me to the list!

I've taken your advice and have tried
the SCSI Zip drive.

When I boot from
the widget emulator with the drive
attached, SCSI I.D. 5 (or 6) and the
100mb disk not inserted in the drive
MacWorks boots up as normal. When I
then insert the disk, there is no
change on the desktop. When I shut
the system down, the Zip disk does
not eject.

When I insert the Zip disk before
booting, then boot from the emulator
by pressing the Lisa "on" button as usual, the Lisa goes through the normal system check and I get the "Loading...."
screen then the read light goes on
at the zip drive and the drive
spins then I just get a lot of
traces across the screen. Then I
press the 'on' button to turn the
Lisa off and the zip disk ejects the
disk and the Lisa turns off.

I'm wondering if this is the behavior
that's expected for a missing driver
or if it could be a problem with the
SCSI board. I assembled the board, and
when I inspected the board after I was
getting no signs of life from the
board I saw that solder from two pins
on "R3" were making contact with a
trace that went to one of the pins
on the SCSI controller "L5380PC-4"
effectively shorting that pin to
ground. It was pin 13,

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