Re: Question about Sun Rem SCSI card

From: Luke Goembel <idylukewild_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 05:20:11 -0700 (PDT)


Good job!

So you were successful at getting
the Lisa to boot from a Zip drive!

James wrote:
> Going on the assumption that the driver on the disk was the problem, I
> tried another SCSI driver (which happened to be PCPC "SCSITools v2.0u",
> the first one I found), and this one seemed to work ok. That
> is, after loading MW+1.0.18 from a floppy drive, the zip disk would then
> boot System 6.0.2. I retried this with the XLerator off and only 1MB of
> RAM, and it still booted
> ok.

Then is sounds like it is possible to
take a Lisa without a widget or ProFile hard drive and run it with just a floppy, a Sun Rem SCSI card, and a SCSI Zip drive.

It appears that once the Zip
disc is configured correctly, you don't even need a floppy drive!

I'm not even going to pursue LocalTalk
or Ethernet since with essentially a
100MB 'floppy' (the Zip disk) I'll
have no problem transferring files
between my modern system and the

Thanks for figuring out how to
make a Zip disk the boot disk
for a Lisa. I'm not sure, but this
may be a first! Your work will certainly prove very useful for me - until
now I didn't have any way to transfer
files to or from the Lisa!


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