Re: Restoring yellowed Lisa cases with Retr0Bright

From: simon <simski_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2009 20:29:09 +0100

i've used the bare sun to bleach my Lisa and Mac parts until now without problems. I'm in the netherlands, so sun is moderate filtered by clouds for the best part of the year. The plastics where taken off the Lisa and fixed windproof. they went up on the flat roof of the house i'm living in and stayed there for about a week, in all weather. it seemed that even the sour rain helped clean the abs boards a lot. of course you have to take the parts of that you don't want to bleach like the apple logo. if you don't trust it, you can test with a less valueble part like a old mac II case or even a stylewriter, as long as its a abs apple part.

On 8-mrt-2009, at 12:26, Jerome Vernet wrote:

> Peter a écrit :
>> Just saw a post on Lifehacker talking about a "magic"
>> solution that can restore yellowed ABS plastic to its
>> original color.
>> Basically, it appears to be hydrogen peroxide that is
>> doing the heavy lifting but they figured out that adding
>> oxy-clean speeds up the reaction and have developed
>> a gel form that is more economical to apply. Seems
>> very promising.
>> Anyone tried this on Lisa components? Would be
>> amazing if it works.
> Not yet tried on Lisa, but I saw it: it's working aazingly well.
> But I'm
> waiting some month (year ???) to see if there is side effect... For
> the
> moment nobody knows what may happen, with plastic after such
> treatement,
> after some week, month...
> So my mind: wait !
> Jerome
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