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From: Dan Knight <dknight_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 06:19:44 -0400

Where have all the elists gone?

Nowhere. Nowhere at all. :-(

Here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we must have the most unreliable cable modem service in the history of the universe. Every time I call AT&T @Home, they tell me it's a "node problem" and they don't know when it will be fixed. They offer me a credit, which I won't refuse, but what I really _need_ is reliable service.

For most of the past week, I've been using my old SupraExpress 56 modem to get email and surf the Web. My wife has depended on the internal modem in her PowerBook G3 Series II.

It's not that we don't have cable modem service, only that we have so little of it. A few seconds here, a few minutes there, rarely an hour or more. Every morning when I get up, and again just before I leave for work, I see if I have service so I can run the list servers (they eventually bomb if there is no Internet connection). As soon as I get home, and several times between then and bedtime, I'm trying to find a stable connection so I can launch the servers. I usually have the best luck, what little that is, early in the morning.

I've ordered the Earthlink DSL kit, but until that arrives I'm stuck. With one phone line, which my wife needs for her business-related calls, I can't use the modem for hours on end. So right now the lists are at the mercy of AT&T @Home and their "node problems."

Fortunately Macjordomo keeps activity logs, so I'll be able to wade through them and document what poor service I've been receiving. I expected much better of AT&T.

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