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From: Dan Knight <dknight_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 16:09:44 -0400

To answer a common question: If you want to remain on one or more of these lists, you do have to subscribe on the MacLaunch/MacLists server. There is no way for me to export the information from Macjordomo and import it to the new server -- and even if I could, everyone would have to be imported in either feed or digest mode, which would make a lot of people unhappy.

I'm so looking forward to moving to the new server. AT&T @Home is down far than up, taking down my main list server several times per day.

The lists are all set up and ready to go. You may begin using them Tuesday morning -- by then most people should be subscribed. Tuesday evening I will shut down my list servers.

IÕm also starting some new lists:

Andrew of the Mac2Mac list is taking over that list and moving it to MacLaunch. Other than updating the list FAQ to reflect that change, Low End Mac will no longer be involved with the Mac2Mac list.

Some listnames are slightly different than before, because someone else as MacLaunch was already using that email address (e.g., imac).

To subscribe to a list (the listname comes before "-on_at_email.domain.hidden"), send email to the subscription address from the list below (note that -on and -subscribe work identically):

  1st-powermacs-on_at_email.domain.hidden   apple2list-on_at_email.domain.hidden
  compact.macs-on_at_email.domain.hidden   g-list-on_at_email.domain.hidden
  mac.webmasters-on_at_email.domain.hidden   max-list-on_at_email.domain.hidden
  pci-powermacs-on_at_email.domain.hidden   powerbooks-on_at_email.domain.hidden

  vintage.macs-on_at_email.domain.hidden   x-list-on_at_email.domain.hidden

You will be required to confirm your subscription.

Substitute the listname (the part before -on) for *** to use any of the following commands.

To _subscribe in digest mode_, send email to <***-digest_at_email.domain.hidden>

Postings will be sent to <***_at_email.domain.hidden>

To switch to single messages, send email to <***-feed_at_email.domain.hidden>

To switch to digest mode, send email to <***-digest_at_email.domain.hidden>

To receive just the digest index, send email to <***-index_at_email.domain.hidden>

To get off the list, send email to <***-off_at_email.domain.hidden>

You can also use the Web interface to set up a personal account with MacLaunch, then join lists, change mode, etc. There is a full listing of MacLaunch-hosted lists at <>.

Hope to see all of you on the new lists on Tuesday.

Dan the listmom

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