Lisa images to disk on a PC?

From: Robert Ian Axford <admin_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 15:31:36 +1200

Hi all,

The next phase of getting my Lisa 2/10/XL into good working order involves getting some software happening on it.

The Lisa came with a few items including MacWorks, MacWrite and Mac Paint. There seem to be several copies or versions of each and there is stuff on the drive as well.

The computer boots (I think) into Mac mode and has Write and Paint available at that point.
I have a feeling that the previous owner may have deleted more files than she should have when she tried to remove all her own docs off the computer before handing it over to me and I really just want to do the Lisa equivalent of a reformat and reinstall of whatever is the best stuff to have.

I'd like to know if other list members think it is best to use it as a MacXL or just as a Lisa with the 7/7 Office software installed... or is it a simple thing to have both installed?

And that leads me to the other part of this query; Is it possible to write image files to disks using my PC.
I've downloaded quite a few Lisa disk images including 7/7, MacWorks 3.1
(and 3.0- is this better?) and am trying to fugure out how to write them to

I presume I can format floppies (can I just use standard 3.5" PC disks for this?) in the Lisa, but then I need to know if there's an app that I can use
(or would a Mac emulator do?) to write the disk images to these disks.

All a bit confusing to me as I'm not a Mac user at all - the Lisa being the one and only Apple I've ever wanted to own (as a classic).

Should I maybe go and buy an old Mac Plus? Would that be an easier way to get this going? Plus's are going for 50 Dollars or so and I've been tempted several times.

Thanks for any advice and info


Robert Ian Axford

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