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Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 16:11:33 GMT

> >There was someone trying to interface a Lisa to a PC
> >
> >Anyone know what happened to the project, or are there others who have done
> >this?

> The page also states that I requested the information that I provided not
> be distributed; in fact I would be pleased to provide it to others, but ask
> that the software not be re-distributed without our permission. As far as I
> know, the reverse-engineered protocol and hardware design is still freely
> available on CompuServe. I was recently thinking of taking it off CIS and
> putting it on a web page to make it more accessible.

I'd love to see the information. Can one access it on

> Although I believe the ISA version will still work, I would certainly
> applaud and assist an effort to make an easy to build version that used the
> parallel port.

Thanks. I think that a parallel port version would be the best solution since it would allow laptops as well as desktops to serve the need, and no need for opening up the machine for those who would rather not. I welcome your help.

Many thanks,



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