Re: Lisa Toolkit

From: Larry Rosenstein <lrosenstein_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 15:58:34 -0800

Comments on Davit T.Craig's note:

>I have invited David to join us here; in the meantime, he graciously agreed
>to permit me to forward some of his insights about the Lisa ToolKit:

>applications (aka "tools") such as LisaWrite were based on the desktop libs
>and not the Toolkit. Reason? The TK was not developed until these apps had
>been well under way (the apps were started in 1981 and the TK in 1982).

I think the Lisa apps must have been started before 1981, but I'm not certain. I joined the Lisa group in August, 1982, and the team was at the point of integrating the apps together.

But David's comment is absolutely right. Larry Tesler and others had done some thinking about what became the Lisa Toolkit, but the actual work didn't start until late 1982 and early 1983.

>reason for this was Apple wanted to create all the key Lisa software and was
>planning to make the Toolkit the application development environment for

So I disagree with the comment that "Apple wanted to create all the key Lisa software". The Toolkit was supposed to be the way for outside developers to write application. The intent was that Toolkit-written apps would work just as well as Apple-written apps in terms of functionality and integration.

>outsiders. I've looked fairly closely at the Lisa libs and their interfaces
>were somewhat complicated. It appears to me that the Lisa app teams, which

I think this is the main reason why the library documentation wasn't release wasn't released. The Toolkit encapsulated all the boilerplate code that an app needed and incorporated many of the "tricks" that the Apple-internal app developers discovered. (The same was true of Mac OS programming, which is why Apple produced MacApp and Metrowerks produced PowerPlant.)

During the development of the Lisa Toolkit we actually invited a few outside developers to spend a week at Apple to learn about the Toolkit and get help writing their apps. But the only app that I remember getting anywhere near shipping was a calendar program from Videx.

Larry Rosenstein

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