Re: Lisa Toolkit

From: Larry Rosenstein <lrosenstein_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 15:43:24 -0800

At 10:30 PM +1100 12/22/00, Karl Maftoum wrote:

>insight into how the LisaOS is assembled internally. Could you ask Mr Craig
>whether any documentation exists on the Office System itself? i.e. how does
>one hook into the OS on a lower level, is there any system similar to the
>INIT system on the Mac?

(1) There was a lower level set of libraries in the Lisa OS (the equivalent of the Mac OS Toolbox), but as far as I know this documentation was not released publicly. The intent was that the Lisa Toolkit would be the only way for outside developers to write full-blown Lisa apps.

Reading the Lisa Toolkit source code would give you a good sense of what the APIs were. (Although there may be some things, eg, the private OS APIs that weren't used in the Toolkit.)

(2) The Lisa used shared libraries (much like the Mac OS on PPC has CFM libraries), rather than A-Traps as did the original Mac OS. I don't recall any mechanism for overriding a particular library routine, although one could certainly replace a whole library.

Larry Rosenstein

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