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We're running 32 email lists, but some are very small niche lists. Before introducing them all, a note about one change I've made to the server.

Because of problems with some odd emails getting through and crashing some email programs, we've gone back to requiring plain text (Latin 1) postings on all lists. This won't mean much to most of you, but if you're not working with a Western European version of the Mac OS, this might mean you'll need to fiddle with things when you post to the list.

We're only doing this to insure that email sent via the list isn't going to lock up anybody's computer.

THE LISTS Quadlist is the ancestor of all our email lists. Originally created to fill the niche between Classic Macs and various Power Mac lists, Quadlist started in November 1997 and currently has 447 members. The focus remains on 68040-based Macs and the list averages 20 postings per day.

Quadlist got such a good reputation, that we broadened the focus for a while, then decided to spin off separate lists for pre-Quadra, post-Quadra, and portables. Thus were born:

Vintage Macs, which originally covered all pre-68040 models. The Vintage list has 392 subscribers and gave birth to Compact Macs, a list for the small all-in-one models with 9-10" monitors. Compact Macs has 443 subscribers. Both lists see 25-35 messages per day.

PowerBooks covered the entire spectrum from the Mac Portable forward. The list has 607 members, and we split off a separate list for G3 and G4 PowerBooks. The G-Books list has 525 members. Each list sees 500-1,000 postings per month.

PowerMacs covered everything PowerPC at first, but got so big and so busy we ended up creating three separate lists.

1st PowerMacs covers all the pre-PCI models, such as the Performa 5200 and Power Mac 7200. The list has 413 members and about 20 postings per day.

PCI PowerMacs covers all the pre-G3 models with PCI slots, including most of the clones. The list has 626 members and well over 1,000 postings per month.

G-List covers the G3 and G4 Power Macs and has 401 members. About 1,000 messages a month.

The iMac list covers the iMac with 493 subscribers and about 1,000 postings per month.

CLONES Although most of the clones are covered by the PCI PowerMacs list, they tend to have unique issues that are best addressed in their own forum.

Our first clone list was SuperMacs, which I launched when I bought a Umax clone. The list has 522 members, over 1,000 messages per month, and is the Net's best resource for those with Umax SuperMac clones.

The Power Computing list covers the best known brand of clones. The list has 312 members and about 400-500 messages per month.

Motorola StarMax users, as well as those with clones based on Motorola motherboards, make up the 262 members of the StarMax list, which has grown to about 250 postings per month.

Finally, the OldMacMP list covers all the multiprocessor Power Macs and clones before the MP G4 models -- especially the DayStar line of clones, which invented the category of MP Macs.

GEOGRAPHY Mac Canada supports 255 Mac users in Canada (probably including a few expatriates).

Mac UK is for Mac users in the United Kingdom.

Outback Mac is for Mac users in Australia, New Zealand, and environs.

MichiMac is for Mac users in Michigan, the home of Low End Mac.

ISSUES MacInSchool and MacHomeSchool deal with issues of Macs in education and Macs in the home school environment.

Mac Webmasters covers anything to do with Mac users who are also involved with Web work.

MaX is our omnibus *nix list, covering Linux, BSD Unix, and sometimes even OS X.

Unsupported OS X is for those trying to get OS X running on officially unsupported hardware. It's the closest we come to running an OS X list.

Mac Network covers all things related to networking Macs.

Mac-N-DOS deals with all aspects of working with both Macs and PCs, whether via emulation, on networks, or just making the transition between platforms.

LEM Swap is our ongoing swapmeet with over 900 members and lots of traffic.

Rocketeer deals with the Radius Rocket card, which works in NuBus Macs and clones.

System 6 covers the last Mac OS that didn't include multitasking by default. For the oldest Macs, this OS really sings.

NOT MACS Apple2list, LisaList, and NewtonList were created at the request of those using Apple IIs, Lisas, and Newtons who wanted their own Low End Mac lists. None are too busy, but all are helpful.

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