Re: A6SB100 a Lisa

From: Scharpf Thomas <thomas_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 20:15:19 +0200

Hi Gary,

it's an old Lady: a very old Lisa ! Manufactured very likely mid 83 til beginning 84: Take a short look at the serial number, I think it will begin with B then two numbers and a letter and then the year 83 followed by a zero and the week (perhaps 50) and the 4 numbers for the chronological produced Lisas.
I can tell you so exactly, because I have number 247 of the same Model A6SB100.
If you don't have a sticker with this numbers near the model-Sticker, you also can get this data by asking the ROM, or easier by looking at the reverse side of the tube, there must be a sticker with the same code xx year and xx week and perhaps xxxx number if it is still complete. But be happy; you have, what a lot of people want: an early Lisa, in original shape. Later this computers have been refurbished by sun remarketing and often modernized too ;-(( Take a look at

or simmply wait for more details from James, who will write a more detailed answer to your question, I believe!

P.S. Sorry James, I have not completed my measurements by now, I hope I will have some more spare time...

Thomas from southern-germany

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>Datum: Sam, 9. Feb 2002 19:08 Uhr

> I have a computer that looks like a lisa, but dosn't say so on the
> nameplate. All it has is the model number A6SB100. From the pictures on
> Ebay, it looks like an XL. Is there a site where I can get m ore
> information, given the model number?
> thanks,
> gary

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