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From: Dan Knight <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 14:34:00 -0400


THANK YOU A huge thank you to list members and the rest of the Mac community. We have received donations in excess of $6,000 that have covered our entire debt load. Low End Mac is now debt free and has enough money in the bank to get us through a couple more weeks.

Special thanks to Small Dog Electronics, which has faithfully supported Low End Mac by sponsoring several of our email lists. In the worst of times, Small Dog was a lifeline for us. In the good times, their support remains essential to balancing our budget from month to month.

Thanks to list sponsors, site sponsors, and affiliate programs, it looks like we'll be taking in enough to make ends meet from here on out. Nobody is going to get rich, but I'll be getting paid weekly and the paid writers on our staff will be getting paid regularly as well.

LOW END MAC SERVICES List subscribers may sign up for a email address for US$6.00 per year. See our Terms of Service at <>

We also offer email addresses at for US$12.00 per year, and this can be combined with online space for storing images, putting up Web pages, etc. Details at <>

Both of these services will help us cover hosting fees for our sites. These services are offered by Low End Mac and managed by Ryan Coleman, our systems administrator.

At present we are set up to use PayPal exclusively. Ryan <ryan_at_email.domain.hidden> can provide a snail mail address for those who would prever to send a check or money order.

LIST NOTES & FAQ UPDATES It appears that the Maclaunch server is rejecting any and all styled messages and emails with attachments, even those destined for command addresses. The following two sections have been added to the list FAQs today:

"If you reply to the [warning messages], they should go away -- but they may not. We have no idea why these messages are being generated; we have made aware of the problem. That is all we can do. Note that the list server has been set to reject styled messages and email with attachments, so when responding to warning messages, be sure your response is a plain text email."


"And for some reason unknown to us, the Maclaunch mail server will not accept styled email or messages with attachments send to any of the command addresses. You must send plain text email to subscribe, confirm, change mode, etc. Anything else will be rejected by the server."

I hope this helps solve the problems some of you have been having changing your subscriptions, responding to warning messages, etc.

Dan the listmom

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