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From: Scharpf Thomas <thomas_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 20:12:22 +0200

Hello Stephen,

> I found LisaOS 3.1 images and wanted to use my quadra with disk copy
You'll need a Computer with a 800k 3.25" floppy to duplicate the disks , so that they could be read by a Lisa. All machines from 1984 up to August 1989, like a Mac 128k, Fat Mac 512k, Plus, SE, SE/30, have such a built in floppy. You can also use later Macs, but not as easy as the ones above. The Lisa was shipped with a 400kB 3,5" single-sided floppy. If you try to copy a disk with an 1,44 MB 3,5" double-sided Floppy-Drive in a quadra (so called 1.4 MB SuperDrive), it won't work ! Your Lisa will always eject the floppy as non-readable.
You have to be shure, that those images have been made with such a 400kB 3,5" single-sided floppy and then they should be approx 390 kB data.

> ... and watched the head mechanism move forward and not stop ..
Does the motor spin up, when you insert a floppy or push the little stick in the floppy on the right side, which recognizes an inserted disk? The error you described, could be caused by a faulty I/O Board (resp. a faulty Lisa Light Adapter, depending on your Lisa modell) or by the drive itself, due to a faulty step-by-step electronic component, which triggers permanently the motor, which moves the head.

Sorry for my not really perfect english: Tom, from Bavaria the country of the alps, the marvellous castles of Koenig Ludwig and the origin octoberfest

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