floppy head monitor runs continously .. anyone got a spare?

From: Stephen M. Jones <smj_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 21:49:16 -0500 (CDT)

> Does the motor spin up, when you insert a floppy or push the little stick in
> the floppy on the right side, which recognizes an inserted disk?
> The error you described, could be caused by a faulty I/O Board (resp. a
> faulty Lisa Light Adapter, depending on your Lisa modell) or by the drive
> itself, due to a faulty step-by-step electronic component, which triggers
> permanently the motor, which moves the head.

Tom, thats right .. basically when I power on the machine the floppy the step motor moves the head forward until it starts clicking in place and wont' stop. It didn't do that before, only after I had lubricated some of the components so that a floppy could be inserted and ejected .. From what you're saying this is a common condition ..

It might be best to just find a replacement drive.

Thanks to the other person for the tip on using my SE for writing out the DiskCopy images .. I was going to try to use my 840av .. now I won't ;-)

I wonder, could I just use my SE's floppy in the Lisa? I have a Lisa 2/10 with the H rom version.

Ahh, to the other person who responded, my disk isn't suffering from stick-tion. It seeks when told to boot but reports an error.

Anyone have a spare floppy? (or could I use my SE's ?)

What about hard disk alternatives? I'm only guessing that when I do eventually get LisaOS to boot on floppy I'll be able to install it on the hard drive.

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