Re: floppy head monitor runs continously .. anyone got a spare?

From: Scharpf Thomas <thomas_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 21:15:19 +0200

Hi Stephen,

if you have an original floppy built in in your Lisa, then it has to be a SONY Model OA-D34V

the electronic in that drive has a sensor, which recognizes when the head is at the end-position (near the step-motor for the head) but no sensor at the front-position (near the step-motor for the disk-spin).

If your floppy moves the head "forward" to front or step-motor for the disk-spin the IC 103 is corrupted (straight below the motor for the head). If your floppy moves the head "backward" to step-motor for the head probably only your sensor is out of order. Unplug it at CN103 and try again, or take a look, whether the sensor is full of dust or grease, or there's a shortcut due to lubrications. The sensor is relative sensitive to various resitances caused by an oily shortcut :-))  

> It might be best to just find a replacement drive.
Yes, but it's worth, that you repair it. there are a lot of Lisas with replaced components. Hard to find an original one. I would try to check all, before I would throw away the original drive.

> I wonder, could I just use my SE's floppy in the Lisa? I
> have a Lisa 2/10 with the H rom version.
Yes you can, BUT !!!! You have to do some soldering work before, cause there are little differences to that newer drives. One difference is so severe,
that your Lisa won't boot with the 1,44 super-drive due to a caused shortcut at it's 5V power supply. If you're familiar with soldering, just mail back and the proceedure follows the next mail. I think there will be a lot of other people, who want to know how-to-do...
> ... my disk ... seeks when told to boot but reports an error.
a track 0 error I suppose ? "Quite normal" for older profiles or internal HDs - unfortunately ;-(

TOM from Bavaria

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