Re: My sick 2/10

From: Jason Perkins <quanda_computing_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 22:53:02 -0500

> Oh NO !!!!
> I hope you marked the original setting.
> Setting a pot will not repair the PSU.

Don't worry :) I marked it carefully, and reset it after I was done. I didn't touch the other pot. That's why I asked, instead of just messing with it and blowing up the system. I've blown up enough electronics doing that, and learned my lesson well :)

I just got done testing the voltages at the PSU. At first I couldn't get any voltages... then I remembered the interlock switch :P The 12v line starts at 7.5 then falls to .08v. My friend tells me that it's defintally that dual diode. He has a few sitting around. He'll be by my place in a week or so, and can help me repopulate it then. I think that I'll go ahead and replace all the big caps.. for how cheap they are, it's good insurance.

Thanks all VERY much for your help. When we repopulate the PSU in a week or so, I'll get back to you then.


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