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Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 10:50:42 +0200

Hi Adam,

as far as I know, there were two types of marking prototypes at Apple Inc.
> The backside of the front panel has the word "PROTOTYPE" molded into
> the plastic...
if your Lisa still has the original boards from that time, you should find the word prototype in capitals stamped on the board, too Color: white, similar to the "Lisa" Logo on the board and the revision, year a.s.o.
AND the connectors show also that letters, but in black.
> as well as some shoddily-cut plastic here and there.
Very strange.
Could be done by somebody else, who tried to "test" and "modify" something, too.

Only 15 months later Apple used red colored stamps with text: "prototype" to mark the various efforts of modifying a Lisa 1 to a so called Lisa 2.
This was very often used, because of the different construction of the front panel due to the chage from 5,25" to 2,5" floppy drive.
> Might this mean anything?
Don't know; perhaps you have one of those prototypes, perhaps not. That depends on the boards, too. EVERY board even the motherboard in the board compartment received that white letters. But perhaps only somebody tried to put a Lisa together from differnet spare parts?
Who knows.
Perhaps you have some pictures, somewhere uploaded and tell us all the links?
Here some of pictures I made from my Lisa prototypes: Please add the links in a text editor and then copy it to your browser - for safety.
and then add each following:

greetings TOM from bavaria

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