Re: Question about 1 vs 2

From: macmoni <macmoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 10:07:56 +0200

Hi Philip,

short answers again :-)
> ...has what looks like a Sun Rem 20 meg HD installed internally with
> a cable...
definiteley a later-on upgraded Lisa. Very likely not by Apple !
> Can I boot from a floppy without a keyboard and mouse???
Yes, of course; no problem. But then you can't do some further tests - without mouse or keyboard...
To shut down the Lisa again, you will have to push the start button again and wait some seconds until you hear a "clack" and the screen will get dark.
> 'If' the floppy works then I can assume the Sun Rem HD, or HD
> controller card is bad. Would I be correct?
Yes, or this Sun Remarketing HD interferes with the Lite-Adapter or the ROM on the IO Board, as I wrote in my last email yesterday. Or the whole configuration consumes so much power, that your (still built in) 1.2 A power supply isn't able to feed :-) Or somebody interchanged the IO Board. You cannot run every type of IO-Boards in a Lisa, when you want to use a HardDisk (especially the early Boards).
> ...mouse is a M0100... the same as the Mac 128/512k's mouse. However
> the connector on the back of the lisa does not look like the connector
> on the original Macs...
There were three kinds of mice available:

The first ones for Lisa (and for Apple II with Mouse Card in the expansion slot). Characteristic was the plastic connector which could be described as an rectangle with round corners and the upper side of the rectangle was additional 3mm spared out. The second mouse (chronological) was the Mac 1984 mouse (later renamed Mac 128k). The connector is much bigger, cause it now has two screws with huge knobs. The Pins are the same, so it will fit like the first mouse.

The third mouse has a much smaller connector again, but the two scres remained, although they are not so big (smaller diameter)

All these three types of mice will fit in the connector-plug of a Lisa. I had a Prototype of a Lisa 1, which had a connector, which only supports the mouse 1, cause there was this rectangle "nose" on top of the connector of the motherboard.
> On the occasions when the power supply works, the monitor will
> occasionally shift of flicker very slightly, this movement seems
> rhythmically timed
interesting !
I never saw this before. Chaotic, yes, but predictable, cause rhytmically...
What time periods?
> with a quiet hissing noise from the PSU. I'm waiting for a 1.8 amp
> PSU to arrive soon.
That's better, in deed !

Greetings TOM from bavaria, the center of europe, the country of the alps, the marvellous castles of Koenig Ludwig and the original Oktoberfest

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