Re: An update - was: PFG Lisa

From: James MacPhail <uo957_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 01:47:43 -0700

>I have been unable to connect the Widget for testing because the power
>connector inside the lisa is not pin compatible.

That's true. The 2/10 had a different internal power connector for the Widget. Some people have installed a Widget in an external case with power supply.

>I can not get the lisa to see these disks. The will be spit out with error
>23 (Disk Unreadable), I have tried it with 2 original disk and 2 copies
>that I made from the internet...strange that nothing works.

I'd still guess that there is either something wrong with the drive or the disks.

Since you can boot MacWorks XL, I wonder if your drive or I/O Board ROM is the 400k variety.

There are also some ways of making floppies that won't work reliably on a Lisa (at least until MW+II is running with a PFG). For best results, use a Mac Plus or earlier.

Also, check that you have at least 1MB of RAM; although I don't recall what the symptom is if you try to boot MW+II with 512k of RAM.

>Does anyone know how to go about reformatting and installing a SCSI
>drive... by only using floppies?

Using floppies alone would be the 'normal' way, so I presume you mean "without using the floppy drive on the Lisa".

You can't "startup from" a SCSI drive unless you have a QuickBoot (installed in the ROM socket of the SUN SCSI Card) or an LSAC expansion card. If you have one of these, you could use another Mac to initialize the SCSI drive, install the System software, MacWorks Plus II and the MW+Loader, then move the drive to your Lisa and boot it up without using the floppy drive.

Without QuickBoot or an LSAC, you will need a working floppy or parallel port drive to load MacWorks+/II, after which the Mac System can be loaded from the SCSI drive.

If you really did mean "by only using floppies"... "startup from" the MW+II boot disk, then boot a Mac System disk with your SCSI format/initialize software. Run the SCSI software to get your SCSI drive initialized and mounted, then install the Mac System on the SCSI drive.

HTH, James

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