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From: macmoni <macmoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 11:56:42 +0200

Hi Phil,

so only two possible errors remain to be checked:
> Just to clarify, I have a Lisa with 800k drive and roms with a spare
> (dead?) widget replaced by a Sun Rem Parallel internal drive. Having
> recently purchased this from Jerry, he confirms that this was a
> working setup 3 years ago.
Please be shure, that those EPROMs will not work an endless long time. I could imagine, that they are now dead. This could be, cause after such a long time they collected light by years (even if there is still the paper sticker with Apple-No onside)
EPROMS for the boot-proceedures and mor on the CPU Board and the EPROM on the I/O Board can be erased and new written. They store data with the so called pysical tunnel effect, by charging an "device" arranged in fields by light and then discharging partitional fields again. So these fields contain the whole information in 2 dimensional arrays, so called fields. Sorry I have to retranslate my knowledge into english; it could be that the terms have different names in your language. Unfortunately those fields lose very very very less of this charge during a period of time. They lose much more of it, when storing them at higher temperatures :-(
And contrarily they will be charged again (the discharged, too) by light; especially UV-light
But when those EPROMS collect non-artificial light over years, they get charged and won't work some day... even if the little cicular window on the ROM is shut by a paper sticker. Paper isn't light resistant, not at all !

> Up until recently it was dead. I replaced the 1.2amp power with a 1.8
> and all seems good except I get errors when the Sun Rem drive is
> boots from floppy no problem to Apple Macworks.
This drive could consume too much current from your PSU or interfere with the IO Board in some way, that you can't run it. A Drive even it comes from SUN Remarketing will not work for all time... properly
> I have been unable to connect the Widget for testing because the power
> connector inside the lisa is not pin compatible...have a look here:
And Lisa refuses to boot even you unplugged the data-cable but only plugged in the power cable into the drives connector?
> I also have a SCSI card and an unformatted HD that I would like to
> install. I was hoping to use copy(s) of MacWorks II + to try to
> achieve this. However I can not get the lisa to see these disks. The
> will be spit out with error 23 (Disk Unreadable), I have tried it with
> 2 original disk and 2 copies that I made from the internet...strange
> that nothing works.
You can try this to get every newer HD working: This item was discussed in the Lisa List earlier; check the archive and you'll find, what you're searching.
> Does anyone know how to go about reformatting and installing a SCSI
> only using floppies?
You first have to get your Lisa in working order, then boot the Mac Works emulation and then you can format an external SCSI HD or if supported
boot Lisa Office 7/7 and format your external drive, but I'm not shure if 7/7 supports formatting external SCSI HDs. Perhaps anyone else knows more about it?

> and
> Why the hell wont the floppies work?!!!! grrrrrr
Wrong configuration with I/O ROM and LisaLight Adapter + 3,5" Drive as I wrote in one of the first mails to that topic or the Problem 1 or 2 above

greetings TOM from the today sunny autumn Bavaria

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