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From: Nord, Al <Norda_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 09:08:25 -0600

 My 2 cents worth again. How about doing a low level fromatting of these old drives on a pee cee mfm controller ? Finding a peecee mfm controller may be hard these days. In my sea of ibm stuff I may have a mfm I/F card and software. Its worth a try. I had 3 working mfm drives until 2 weeks ago when they were tossed at work. They were in a retired server that was sitting in the basement for the last 9 years. I booted the server and checked it out for fun. These drives were the 5 1/4" 20 meg drives and about 6 lbs each. I had some Kayloc 3 1/2 20 meg mfm drives and they may have also disappeared. I do have some sider external hardrives for the Apple // computers and they used mfm 20 meg miniscribe drives. The miniscribe drives mechanism sucked dirt into the mechanism amking the drive noisey and after a while making them stop because the spindle is blocked with dirt. There was a repair service in Chicago Illinois years ago that fixed miniscribe drives. Their techs flushed the mechanism with some chemical to remove the dirt and they told me they had a 90% repair rate. The 3 1/2" mfm drives are rarely seen these days.
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