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From: James MacPhail <uo957_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 04:06:51 -0800

>This second board as a different ROM version (H/A8) athough the first
>one is D/A8.

The "H" is the CPU board ROM version. The "A8" is the I/O board ROM version.

I believe Rev. D is the first version released to support the single 3.5" floppy drive configuration (ie. the Lisa 2). Earlier revisions were for the dual 5" "twiggy" drive configuration (ie. the Lisa 1).

Rev. H is the last version that will run the Lisa Office System.

After that, there is a 3A version (which is part of the Macintosh XL screen modification kit). This changes the screen resolution to provide square pixels so that Macintosh software looks more like a Macintosh. With the 3A ROM version installed you cannot run the Lisa Office System.

The various MacWorks Plus and MacWorks Plus II versions work with both 3A and H ROM versions (and possibly D-G too).

MacWorks XL 3.0 comes in two varieties -- you have to use the one that corresponds to the square pixel rev. 3A ROM if that is installed.

>Is there any real differences ? Which one is better ?
>When started with the H/A8 board, the Lisa will only ask to boot on
>drive 2, although it let choose Drive 1 (which does'nt exist ?) and
>Drive 2.

The "ghost of Floppy 1" in the "Startup From" menu is, I think the only obvious difference. I don't recall off-hand what other "bug fixes" there are. I would suggest using Rev H or 3A.

Maybe someone else has a list of the ROM differences handy?


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