Networking a Lisa

From: Philip Lord <philip_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 21:01:32 +0900

Hi everyone,
Not much activity on the list recently, so I thought I'd start another thread.

I have a hacked (not by me) localtalk connector that connects into the back of my lisa, I am trying to connect to an old(ish) Powerbook Wallstreet. with a similar localtalk connector.

The lisa is running OS 6.0.8, and the Wallstreet is running 9.2.

I think I have installed all the appropriate networking extensions for OS 6 on the lisa, and when using the chooser I can see the Wallstreet, I can even attempt to connect, and the Lisa displays a list of Wallstreet volumes. So everything looks perfectly normal up until this point. However, when I try to fully connect, nothing happens!!!

Trying the same thing on the Lisa under OS 7.0.1 causes the system to crash with the error:

"Sorry, a system error occurred. "Chooser" divide by zero"

and a prompt to restart. Again I can get all the way to seeing the list of Wallstreet volumes, but the crash happens once I try to connect.

Anybody have any ideas how to resolve this?



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