Re: Networking a Lisa

From: James MacPhail <uo957_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 15:17:21 -0800

>I have a hacked (not by me) localtalk connector
>The lisa is running OS 6.0.8, and the Wallstreet is running 9.2.
>when using the chooser I can see the Wallstreet, I can even attempt to
>connect, and the Lisa displays a list of Wallstreet volumes.

I think this indicates you do have (more or less) appropriate software installed and your hacked localtalk connector is working.

>However, when I try to fully connect, nothing happens!!!
>Trying the same thing on the Lisa under OS 7.0.1 causes the system to
>crash with the error:
>"Sorry, a system error occurred. "Chooser" divide by zero"

I have observed a similar issue with various computers running system software pre MacOS 8, including a MacPlus, and IIsi.

I believe the reason is that Apple implemented a new "User Authentication Module" around the time of Mac OS 8 to improve security, and for whatever reason, it is not fully backwards-compatible (or perhaps you need to find just the right version of the AppleShare Workstation Software).

Searching around on Apple's web site, I found various technotes including this one:


Which says, in part:

"Computers that are running system software earlier than system software 7.5.1 should run AppleShare Workstation 3.5. Computers that are running system software 7.5.1 or later (up to but not including 7.5.3) should run AppleShare Workstation 3.6.5."

Of course any particular version won't necessarily work on the Lisa, but it gives you a limit as to how new a version is worth trying.

If you do find a particular combination of system software and AppleShare software that does allow you to mount a MacOS 9 volume on your Lisa, please let us know!


I find that the newer system versions can mount volumes shared by the older versions. ie. if you run System 7.x on your Lisa, and turn on file sharing, you may be able to mount it on the Wallstreet.

Alternately, I use an older computer running System 7.5.5 as a file server. I then mount a volume from this on both older and newer computers, and use it to transfer files between them. Since I change configurations often, I find the extra hop is less trouble than fiddling with file sharing in each new configuration.

HTH, James

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