Re: apples vs oranges (was Re: computer video (was Re: Free IBM AT))

From: Marcin Wichary <mwichary_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 20:48:50 +0100

> While I could get either an IBM PC 5150 with a CGA card, and color
> monitor, or a Mac 128 for the $2.5K you mention, these are two
> different products, in two different markets that have very little
> to do with each other, other than both being personal computers
> from the 1980's. The PC was what, 1982, the Mac was 1984. The
> Lisa, which is what this forum's topic is about, is far closer to a
> mini-computer, and was actually built by folks who previously
> worked on mini's. I'd say it was a workstation, though that word
> wasn't used at the time.

That's generally true. From an article published in 1983: "Stopping far short of any consensus is the feeling that home computers cost less than $500 and have less than 48K of memory. Personal computers cost less than $2,000 and have 48K or 64K standard. Desktop computers go for 64K to 256K and cost $2,000 to $4,000. Nobody knows what a work station is because we arenít there yet.

These definitions, albeit probably all wet, certainly clear the air. Vic-20 and Atari 400 are home computers. Apple II and Atari 800 are personal computers. IBM pc and Apple III are desktop computers. Does this mean Lisaís a work station?"


Marcin Wichary
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