[lisa] Re: formatting the HD. will we ever be able to do that?

From: Guido Deiana <guido_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 23:01:09 +0100

are you speaking about an internal 10 Mb. Widget hard disk or a Profile ? The Widget need to be Low Level Formatted by special hardware (Larry Parks can do it), the Profile can be LLF by an Apple III and the necessary software (Helmut Post have done it last month for my 3 Profiles). Ciao,

Guido Deiana
Padova, Italy

> what iv'e heard is that the HD does not have the ability to format
> itself. one needs a special board to use in stead of the normal
> controller to do it. does anyone know of the existence of this board.
> it was available to certified service engineers at teh apple centers
> at the time. but no info remains.
> also i am curious about what is the origine of the drive itself. i hope
> that it is a "standard" drive with a custom apple controller. maybe
> it is possible to reformat a drive in a "standard" controller..
> anyone?
> macsimski

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