Re: Parallel Card problems

From: James MacPhail <gg__at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 01:19:54 -0700

>When the error occurs the computer is starting to load the OS, but I
>never see any onscreen indication that anything has actually loaded
>i.e. No boot screen but lots of LED activity on the drives.

>Slot 3 gives error 10737
>Slot 2 works well

This sounds like a normal characteristic of the Lisa OS, which is not "plug-and-play". The Lisa OS does not automatically recognize hardware changes such as adding more drives (even though the ROM is happy to try to boot from a newly installed card).

In the default LOS installation, only slot 2 is configured in the preferences to contain a dual parallel card, and only the lower port of slot 2 is configured to have a ProFile connected.

The resolution is to temporarily connect your drive to the lower port of slot 2 (or to the built-in port), boot LOS from that drive, and edit the LOS "preferences" to specify that a dual parallel card and ProFile are attached to the desired slot and port. Then you can shut down, move the card and/or drive, and start up from it.

>Slot 1 card not seen

If you mean that it doesn't show up in the "Startup From" menu, then I would suspect a bad contact as already discussed. As well as cleaning the contacts, try sliding the card up and down (one millimetre or so) a few times after installing it.

HTH, James

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