Re: xenix install problems

From: Steve Hatle <shatle_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 15:58:14 -0500

On 4/25/07 3:37 PM, "nulldev1ce" wrote:

> Not sure if this will be helpful to anyone, but: I recently obtained a
> Xenix boot diskette image, and eventually managed to get it onto a
> floppy and successfully boot it, using the following very roundabout
> and amusing method...

This sounds like something I recently did- I was asked to convert files made in Bank Street Writer and stored on 5.25" floppies to text files on CD.

This required (in no particular order) the Internet to find BSW, my ][gs, several 400K/800K floppy disks, my LCIII with its Apple ][ PDS card, a USB external floppy drive and my Powerbook.

In hindsight the ][gs was a wasted step, but it was fun to pull it out and play for a while anyway :-)


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