Re: xenix install problems

From: simon <simski_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 23:02:25 +0200

On 14-mei-2007, at 21:54, James MacPhail wrote:

> - turn off and on, or press reset
> - at the "Startup from" menu, type Apple-3 (Apple-1 does not work
> for me).
> - "boot" prompt appears
> - type pf(0,0)xenix <return>
> - display goes black, displays loading messages, yada yada yada,
> eventually
> asks if you want to put /usr on a second ProFile
> - type n <return> (unless you will be using a second ProFile)
> - asks if you want to load the rest of the OS from floppy, then the
> development system, etc.
> - eventually you get to the # prompt where you can issue *nix
> commands,
> such as ls for a listing (like dir in DOS).
> - the next time you start up from the HD, you don't get asked
> about /usr
> and installing the extra stuff.

the pf(0,0)xenix i deduced after hanging on a boot error with fd(2,0) xenix on my screen and it worked.

After installing the os (only the first 3 floppies are initially needed) and rebooting, everything worked like a charm.

Now for the shutdown procedure. that took some time longer. you have to login as root (# as a propt) and use "shutdown" and not "shutdown now" as I use on other unix systems (like A/UX, NeXTSTEP, freeBSD and Ubuntu)

then you have to answer a question about the time (0-15 minutes) and then you have to wait for a long time.

after that the system does'nt turn off b its self. you have to push the power button. if you push too early, the text power off is printed on the screen. this messes up the shutdown procedure so you have to start over.

And all this to confirm the readablilty of the xenix distribution... now to install the dev and lyrix distribution. maybe there i have to use the provided serials. up till now i did'nt need them

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