Re: Question about Sun Rem SCSI card

From: James MacPhail <gg__at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 14:11:11 -0700

Hi Rick!

>are you sure that MW+1.0.18 has SCSI support? It's been a long time since
>I was using MW+, but I remember that when I got my Lisa's from SUNREM
>they supplied me with 2 copies of MW+, a version with and a version
>without SCSI support.

Yes, I'm absolutely positive MW+1.0.18 supports SCSI.

There are caveats though... some later SCSI hard disk drivers won't load (or will crash) if the computer has 2MB of RAM or less.

It is news to me that there was a version of MW+1.0.18 with SCSI disabled. I had not heard of this before, so I expect it was a special build to address some rare problem. I guess it could also be a renaming issue, and the disks are actually the same? Something new every day!

Luke wrote:
>I am not sure that the copy of MacWorks Plus 1.0.18 I have supports SCSI.

If you got it from John Woodall (eg. with your X/ProFile), I'm highly confident that it does. It sounds like Rick may be the only source of the other version :-)

Rick wrote:
>Luke wrote:
>>Now I'm awaiting a USB to compact flash adaptor that I can use to load
>>the drivers onto a CF card so I can copy the >drivers into the LISA
>>widget emulator boot CF card system 6.0.2 folder.
>The data on the CF card from the X/ProFile is formatted special to emulate
>the way a real Profile works, so I don't think you can just mount it
>up the CF card on another computer.

This is correct.

As indicated at the bottom of page 3 of the operating manual: the data on an X/ProFile CF card is in a proprietary format (ie. it is not FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, etc.).

If you re-format it for use with another file system, it will over-write the proprietary X/ProFile format and the X/ProFile data will be gone.

This is true for any storage media (CF, hard drive, etc.) that has been "prepared" for use with the X/ProFile.

>While you can swap CF cards between X/ProFile's, you can't directly
>exchange data between the X/ProFile's CF card and other systems.

Also correct.

To get files onto your Lisa, you will need to use one of these:

These options can also be used, but likely require that you get some software onto the Lisa first:

If you don't have another Mac, the serial port is probably the easiest method to transfer stuff from the internet.

Am I missing any?



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