Re: Swapping Lisa components

From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 18:24:13 -0500

VW wrote:
> I've got a Lisa 2/5 with no external 5MB Widget with a faulty
> component on the power supply motherboard. This little 1.5"x1.5"
> blocky black thing with a yellow band on top that reeks like you
> wouldn't believe. (Some cracking on the band is visible as well) Any
> idea what component this is? If the modern equivalent is smaller, I
> don't mind soldering wires to make up the distance... I haven't found
> any Lisa board schematics explaining what components on the
> motherboard are yet, but was hoping someone here knows?
I think you're referring to a capacitor there. You should replace it along with any of it's
buddies, plus the two large cylindrical ones - at least those were the ones I've replaced.
Some of those are special capacitors designed to work with A/C currents, so they'll be
a bit more expensive. Don't try to replace them with polarized ones unless you like seeing
capacitors explode. :) Try to get the same uF rating, but higher voltage/temperature to
make them last longer.

DigiKey has the right components. I think I spent about $35 or so for the replacement
caps for two power supplies, well worth the trouble.

You can also add a small CPU fan to the power supply to help make it last longer. One
rated at 12V, but run it at 5 so it's quiet would work nicely, just be mindful of the vents
and make sure the fan can blow the air out a vent when the PS is inserted back in.

You can find lisa PS schematics here:

> I'm hoping this is the only hurdle left, the monitor seems crisp but
> there is a garbled video signal (hopefully from the underperforming
> power supply). Everything looks great, even 2 memory boards installed.
> I just can't afford $200 for a 1.8A Lisa power supply, and want to
> solder/replace the equivalent on the board.
Wavy lines are a sign of a bad PS (usually).

The external HD is called a Profile. They're either 5M or 10M. Internal drivers are only 10M Widgets.
There is a modern replacement called the X/Profile. Not cheap, but it works well and can use either modern IDE hard drives or CF media. There is also a do it yourself version if you're so inclined, called IDE::File.
Since you don't have the external 5M Profile drive, you really have a Lisa 2 and not a 2/5. :-D

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