Re: PC Crap

From: Jerome Vernet <vernet.jerome_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 22:32:05 +0100

Le 24 fvr. 06, 21:14, sauersr_at_email.domain.hidden a crit :
> The IBM AT doesn't interest me a great deal because of its primitive OS
> and bland hardware. But, it is interesting from a historical
> perspective,
> because it was so successful in the market.

The only interest of the IBM is that it his the grandaddy of your actual PCs. Nothing changed from this time for the PC technology.

> The inclusion of a working
> hard disk seems to add value to the unit.

My AT have a working 32 Mb drive, 3 Mb of RAM and an EGA card/monitor.

> Lisa owners know about how vital
> a working vintage hard disk is!

Yes !
> Does anyone have experience with 80186 machines? That was the black
> sheep
> of the family, like Motorolla's 68010. ;)
Yes, I have a French computer, a Goupil G4, I think none of you had ever heard about ;). It have a 8 Mhz 80186, a working 5 Mb Hard Drive. This computer was the faster PC at the time it was launched. It was also more expensive than the IBM at the same time ;) because essentially built for french administration. An impressive system that actually run Microsoft Windows 1.0 (yes, it does !). I cannot compare to LisaOS, as my Lisa run only MacOs.
> Jerome

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