Re: PC Crap

From: Jerome Vernet <vernet.jerome_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 19:21:09 +0100

Le 24 fvr. 06, 22:32, Jerome Vernet a crit :

> Le 24 fvr. 06, 21:14, sauersr_at_email.domain.hidden a crit :
>> The IBM AT doesn't interest me a great deal because of its primitive
>> OS
>> and bland hardware. But, it is interesting from a historical
>> perspective,
>> because it was so successful in the market.
> The only interest of the IBM is that it his the grandaddy of your
> actual PCs. Nothing changed from this time for the PC technology.
Anyway, this afternoon, I put my AT face to face my Lisa.

On one side, Lisa 2 (upgraded Lisa 1) with 2 Mb of RAM, one parallel card, an 5 Mb Profile with MacOs 4 on it. On the other side, the AT: 3,5 Mb of RAM, an EGA card, a 32 Mb hard drive with MSDOS 5.0 and Windows 3.1

Power up the Lisa is a matter of expert: plug keyboard and mouse; plug the cable between Lisa and Profile, plug power cord, start the Profile -waiting 3 mn for 'ready' LED, then start the Lisa, hold on Apple key-3 key. Enjoy macOs 4. I found Excel 1 and Word 3 on the disk. Not too much noisy. Look great !

For the AT, plug the monitor, plug power cord, plug keyboard and mouse (Microsoft one). Start the engine (litterally: high noise, the 5,25 hard drive made an loud noise, fan, etc... Even the keyboard 'click' awfully ;) ). Wait 3 minute for the AT to test memory... Enjoy Windows 3, with Excel 2 and Word 3 for windows.

Nothing to do, I still prefer Apple stuff!

This was also time to try to repair the disk drive of my Lisa: see separate post.


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