Re: The PC Junk Challenge

From: Jerome Vernet <vernet.jerome_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 19:09:43 +0100

Le 25 fvr. 06, 16:35, John Woodall a crit :

> I hereby issue a PC Junk Challenge. Since this hardware is so
> unbelievably valuable...I make the following offer. I have in my

> current PC Dumpster stack 2 IBM XTs, 1 IBM XT Case, 2 Original IBM
> with an internal 3.5 disk drive, and 1 PC AT. Also 2 IBM Mono
> Monitors and 3 IBM Original Keyboards. I offer all of this stuff for
> free to anyone willing to do the following..
I haven't an original PC nor XT in my collection...:(
> #1. Come and pick it up. You must take all of it. No pick and choose.
> Or #2. You arrange for the freight, prepay the freight cost and
> arrange for pickup. I will strap it all onto a pallet for you. The
> pallet is free ;-) All the units appear undamaged but I will not take
> any time to apply power or do any evaluation. But hey!!!! This stuff
> has such intrinsic value...this is the offer of a lifetime!
Unfortunately, I'm too far !

> Any takers????? Oh yes, if you have posted a personal attack against
> me and want this stuff, you need to post an apology to this
> group...then you can have ALL of this magnificant hardware. Heck, I
> will throw in the rare and also valuable IBM PC Manual! Still in the
> original binder! WOW!
> So, who wants it??? If no one steps is dumpster bound.



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