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Your Lisa FAQ is great, thanks for compiling this info.

Two comments:

  1. Lisa error codes

You should mention the negative codes are warnings which mean they do not mean an error has occured.

Errors below 10,000 are errors returned by the Lisa OS or one of its libraries. These will generate error dialogs in programs but should not affect the program or its data.

Errors in 10,000 range are fatal OS errors. When they occur you may have lot data and will need to reboot.

Also, Lisa error dialogs from the Lisa Office System typically show 3 number. One is the error code, another the process number, and another the memory address of the error. You really can't do anything with this info except use the error number.

2) Screen dumps

I have a program called LISA SCREEN DUMP TO MACPAINT which converts these screen dump files to MacPaint format which you can then use in a Macintosh. Program runs on a Macintosh. Files need to be transferred to the Mac, I use the Lisa Workshop, but one could write a simple Mac program which dumps Lisa disk files based on the file tag.

3) You may also want to mention my Lisa Legacy paper. Has some good info in a fairly short manner.

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> Glad you've enjoyed it and found it useful. Please let me know if
> there's anything you'd like to see added to the FAQ.
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