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From: Ray Arachelian <ray_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 10:28:38 -0500

Hi Peter,

I know you're asking about the Mac, but wanted to point out, if anyone's using Windows XP and later, printing is horribly broken there. Something changed between Windows 2000 and XP, either with wxWidgets or the OS itself, if you try to print on XP or Vista (haven't tried 7), it locks up the emulator. I hope to fix this in future releases.

In terms of the Mac, you need to have the LisaEm config match that of Lisa Office System.

So whatever settings you configure in the emulator's preferences need to match those of LOS 3.1's Settings.
>From what you write below, this is what you've done.

Now, I'd recommend one more thing, under the print tab of LisaEm's Preferences, uncheck the Print to File and let it go to the printer. If you wish to print to a file, let OS X's facility to print to PDF's do that for you. Otherwise, LisaEm will attempt to print to image files (i.e. png's).

You can also add a Dual Parallel Port card to one of the expansion port slots and assign one of the ports to be an ADMP printer (which is functionally identical to the ImageWriter, except that it attaches to a parallel port instead.) Again, you'd need to tell LOS that you're printing from the parallel port if you choose to go this route.

Hope this helps.

Peter wrote:
> I've been trying to get printing (to printer or file) working
> on LisaEM 1.2.6 on a Mac under Snow Leopard. I've
> got the Lisa preferences under LOS 3.1 set to have
> serial port B printing to an Imagewriter. Under the
> LisaEM preferences I have the imagewriter mapped
> to serial port b and then under the print preferences
> tab I've got print to a file checked.
> When I print from the Lisa I get an error that it is
> having trouble communicating with the printer.
> I've searched the LisaEM users guide and haven't
> found anything that seems to help.
> Any suggestions?
> Peter
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