Re: Installing Xenix (again)

From: Philip Lord <lord_philip_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 10:33:29 +0900

Great that seemed to work. Thanks James. Just two more quick questions.

Firstly, I have A8 rom so mine is a Lisa 2/5, so I have formatted my Xprofile drive as 5meg. Does anyone know what components of Xenix will fit in 5meg. Obviously it all wont fit as I found out. Starts giving me errors.

Secondly, after the install and re-boot, it prompts to push 'CONTROL D' to continue with normal operation, there is no control button on the lisa keyboard so I did 'apple D' instead (seemed to work). I then get a prompt for User login and password. Any idea what I should type here?



On Mar 8, 2006, at 8:57 AM, James MacPhail wrote:

>> Does anyone know the procedure for installing Xenix?
> I'm no *nix expert, but this has worked for me:
> - "startup from" Apple-2 (floppy)
> - "boot" prompt appears
> - just press <return>
> - display shows fd(2,0)xenix for a while, then screen goes black, then
> white again, then various loading messages including "no single-user
> login", "entering maintenance mode", eventually ending up at the
> prompt (#).
> - type hdinit <return>
> - it asks if you really want to wipe out your hard disk
> - type y <return>
> - it asks if disk is 5 or 10 MB
> - type 5 <return>
> or 10 <return>
> FYI, I believe you must use 10 on a Mac XL (2/10) and 5 on a Lisa
> 1/2. This
> is due to some parts of xenix assuming the disk size corresponds to
> the I/O
> Board ROM.
> - wait while drive is initialized
> - eventually says something like ##normal shutdown##
> - turn off and on, or press reset
> - at the "Startup from" menu, type Apple-3 (Apple-1 does not work
> for me)
> - "boot" prompt appears
> - type pf(0,0)xenix <return>
> - display goes black, displays loading messages, yada yada yada,
> eventually
> asks if you want to put /usr on a second ProFile
> - type n <return>
> (or y <return> if you have another ProFile connected to slot 1
> lower)
> - asks if you want to load the rest of the OS from floppy, then the
> development system, etc.
> - eventually you get to the # prompt where you can issue *nix
> commands,
> such as ls for a listing (like dir in DOS).
> - the next time you start up from the HD, you don't get asked
> about /usr
> and installing the extra stuff.
> HTH,
> James

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